K-Dot-O-Dot was raised in a small Yugoslavian village. At age 3 he killed and ate his first swine, at 5 he lost his left eye in a gypsy bow and arrow accident. It was around the age of 10 that he became obsessed with Mexican wrestling after his uncle Obren Djurdjelia set up the family satelite dish on the nearest spruce tree while drunk.

Age 13 – Saw Run DMC/Aerosmith and started talking over drums.
Age 15 – Forced his first abortion.
Age 17 – Started a heavy marijuana habit. He blames Sen Dog.
Age 24 – Forced his second abortion
Age 30 – Divorced
Age 31 – Started hoarding animals in a small apartment in the west end.
Age 33 – Started doing cocaine. Divorced again, got the clap

K-Dot raps, he has done a bunch of rap shit with a LOT of fucking losers. Some not as big a losers as others, but still fucking losers. Currently he hopes his newest crew is full of top quality losers. In his spare time you can find him on the internet posting SWM adds on the Chubby Chaser forums. He is also waiting for more divorce papers.